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From breathing fire, to capturing gimbal-stabilized, 4k footage on a Segway with 60lbs of gear on his vest, Andrew Peluso AKA PelusoPix can do it all. Inspired by DaVinci’s versatility and the devotions of Life Magazine’s Eugene Smith, PelusoPix has been shooting ever since he saw the true beauty of the sunset one 2009 morning in the Florida Keys. While viewing the photos captured at Woodstock in 1969, he was inspired to “capture the moment” to allow those in future generations to see through our present eyes. His ability to conduct his subjects to the desired expressions amaze crowds both big and small and allows for maximum emotions to be captured in his visual documentations. PelusoPix also has an unparalleled ability to problem solve to capture the shot desired, from being strapped to a high-speed vehicle for a car shoot, to using his scuba gear to capture underwater, he simply makes the shot happen. His slogan sums it all up: PelusoPix, You do the tricks, I’ll take the pics!

I hope you have enjoyed the sampling of my work. I would love to help you with your specific business or personal photographic needs, as well. Feel free to contact me to arrange a shoot.  I look forward to working with you! 


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